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June 25, 2010

Some Fun Outdoor Activities

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There’s a never ending number of activities you can do with your kids outdoors to keep them happy. For those without nearby parks, the garden makes the perfect place to have fun, even in small gardens without a lot of space, you just need to make sure that the activity is enjoyable and interesting enough. A garden allows kids to appreciate the nature around them, enjoy the fresh air and have fun at the same time. Below we’ve listed just a few of the activities you could enjoy with your kids in the garden.


Kids always love adventure. It follows that kids would love an adventure hunt out in the garden. Setting up a treasure hunt is easy and can be played with virtually any items, most kids will enjoy searching for sweets and chocolate most, but anything that interests them will do. Make sure to hide them well as kids are particularly good at finding things! Treasure hunt is best enjoyed with a group of kids, such as a birthday party.


Just about any child enjoys playing in the sand at the beach, but for many who live inland getting to the beach regularly may not be so easy. The answer to this problem is to bring the beach to your garden, or a small part of it at least. All you need to purchase is a sandpit, some sand and you’re ready to go. Pick up a plastic bucket and spade and your kids will think they are at the seaside!


Kids have vivid imaginations, and nothing comes close to stimulating them as much as an outdoors den. Throw a sheet over a table, between two chairs or similar and your kids have a cool place of their own to play, but do make sure that wherever you choose is safe. The fun is amplified when friends or siblings join in.


It may be hard to imagine for modern generations that games consoles were not always around to entertain, and that some fantastic, mega fun games can be played outdoors – no plug sockets required! Just take a look at the range of garden games available on our website, where you’ll find classic garden board games, fun activities and much more. These games have been specially chosen to be fun for the whole family. Even without the kids they can still be a lot of fun!


Last but not least is the classic game of hide and seek. No doubt this classic game has remained popular throughout many years as it’s only requirement is having a handful of good places in which to hide – which just about anywhere will have. Some precautions need to be observed, such as making sure kids know the boundary limits and to not go near places where machinery or dangerous chemicals may be. Make sure that you keep harmful chemicals and equipment away from places where your children may possibly hide.

So there we have it, five of many fun activities that can be enjoyed outdoors with the kids and family. Hopefully these pointers have inspired you to do more with your outdoor space this year. We’re sure you’ll think of a few more fun ideas yourself! Have fun and enjoy the nice weather this Summer.


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