Down in the Garden

January 8, 2010

Frozen Parsnips Anyone?

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There’s not much going on down in the garden at this time of year, everything has been battened down, the teak is in the summerhouse and the garage is full to bursting with garden toys and BBQ bits and loads of other stuff that we take for granted when our gardens are fully operational. Also, at the time of writing, the garden is frozen solid and we’re expecting a load of snow..

There is, however, one garden project that is ongoing, and is indeed being enhanced by the very cold weather we are having. It could be an attempt to enter the Guinness Book Of Records for the worlds largest snowman, but it’s not. It could be an experiment to see the effects of constant freezing and thawing on a whole range of garden furniture and toys, but it’s not. So what is it I can hear everyone exclaiming..

It is of course Adam’s Parsnip Project (does it sound familiar) and I’m very excited as by the time they’re ready for harvesting in March it is these re-occurring freeze and thaws that each time they happen will make the parsnips even tastier and are fully responsible for their unique sweet and nutty flavour. The rule here is the more times they freeze, the better the parsnip.

So even whilst the garden is a frozen wasteland of unused accessories that in the summer months I couldn’t live without, I still get a bit of pleasure venturing out to the garden on occasion and checking that all is well with the parsnips.

Have a look at Gardening Patch as further reading for all you parsnip enthusiasts out there.


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