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November 25, 2009

Monster Climbing Frame

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My house is cluttered up with far too many toys, many more than one 2 year old needs which is the cumulative result of two Birthdays and three Christmases with lots of grandparents and aunties etc. all being more than generous. With Birthday number three approaching and Christmas number four just a bit more than a month after that we were starting to fret about the colossal amount of toys and games and other bits and pieces that we definitely could live without taking residence in our residence and eating up the last piece of carpet we have.

It had to be stopped – but how? Simple, get any one of our family members who would take pity on our plight and see if they would club together for a monster Birthday/Christmas present thus negating the necessity to collate even more household child entertainment devices. And one more feature to our plan – the said combined offering to be an outside item.

Our garden is wedge shaped and is wider than it is long; it has a lot of bits and pieces (unsurprisingly) and we have always had one end of the garden for the swings, slide, trampoline, sandpit etc. and the other end of the garden for things like a summerhouse, bbq, furniture etc., a adult/child divide with a fair amount of lawn in the middle.

There is a reason lots of parents lovingly refer to their little ones as ‘monkeys’, it is not because of unfortunate facial hair conditions but more for their love of climbing…anything. It is this trait that our particular monkey has been exhibiting for some time leading to the simple answer to the above mentioned simple problem: the monster present had to be a climbing frame.

As you might notice I have a few very good climbing frames to choose from on the site and if you have got the space the Carisbrooke climbing frame is absolutely one of the best you can go for. Once the old swings were taken down, or more accurately, dug out, the trampoline found a nice home in the very corner of the kids end of the wedge and construction began. I learnt that there is a reason why we offer an assembly service for this particular model and that £400 is a very reasonable price to pay; the job was enormous, the Carisbrooke is massive, a monster climbing frame that wouldn’t look out of place in any park, with so many fun features any child is guaranteed to love it.

The end result – we have one very happy 3 year old, mainly because of his new monster climbing frame and also because each and every one of the afore mentioned family members still produced a space eating delight for him to unwrap on his big day.


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