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July 1, 2009

Britain Is Too Hot For BBQs

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Madness, if the weather isn’t a perpetual perfect temperature and balance of wet and dry and the thermometer dares to stray a couple of degrees above or below the accepted norms then we have heatwaves, ice ages, floods, droughts and a general breakdown in all public and some private services. 33 degrees C today, which I’ll admit is hot and ‘officials raise the threat level from amber to red, some measures including putting social services and hospitals on alert for a wave of casualties from the scorching weather…’ and we are all advised to stay in.

Thing is, whatever we Brits consider as extreme weather is just the norm for half the world, our hottest ever day of 38.1C (100.6F) in Gravesend, Kent in 2003 might be considered chilly in parts of Africa, America, Australia, Asia & some parts of Europe (go to Seville, then you’ll know what hot is). Likewise, or maybe not when you consider -27.2 degrees C is actually very cold and is the lowest ever temperature in Britain, but definitely likewise when the plummet below -1C has us hoarding food and petrol because of the inevitable supply chain problems that this ‘freak’ weather is bound to cause – it is a wonder how Scandinavians survive their winters.

Make the most of the (quite possibly short lived) fine weather, take some time out in the garden with friends or family – play some garden games or even put up a basketball net!


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